Analysis of China's five major bearing industrial bases Five major bearing industrial bases


China's bearing industry has relatively obvious regional development characteristics. First of all, five bearing industrial clusters have been formed: Wafangdian, Luoyang, Yangtze River Delta, East Zhejiang and Liaocheng.

(1) Liaocheng Bearing Industrial Base

Liaocheng Bearing Industry Base, with Shandong Liaocheng as the centre, is the largest bearing cage production base and the largest bearing trade base in China. Now it has formed a bearing sales, production and assembly centre centred on the bearing shopping mall of Linqing Tobacco Store. During this period, Longteng Bearing is the largest three-class bearing production enterprise in China, and is listed as the "National Bearing Production Base" by the China Bearing Industry Association.

(2) Luoyang Bearing Industrial Base

Henan Luoyang Bearing Industry Concentration Area is the bearing industry cluster with the deepest technology accumulation in China. Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. is the continuation and inheritance of Luoyang Bearing Factory, one of 156 key projects in the national "One Five-Year Plan" period. It is one of the largest comprehensive bearing production enterprises planned in China's bearing industry. . In the agglomeration area, there are Luoyang Bearing Technology Co., Ltd., which was established by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, the only Guikou Research Institute in China's bearing industry, and Henan University of Science and Technology, the only university specialising in bearings in China. First of all, the products are medium-sized, large and extra-large bearings. The characteristic products include railway truck bearings, railway bus bearings, wind turbine bearings, precision machine tool bearings, electric spindles, car bearings, etc. The products cover a wide range.

(3) Yangtze River Delta Bearing Industrial Base

The Yangtze River Delta is the primary area for bearing production in China, and the bearing production is mainly distributed in Gusu, Changzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai and other places. Bearing products mainly include deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and self-aligning roller bearings. The products are mainly used in the field of light industrial products.

(4) East Zhejiang Bearing Industrial Base

East Zhejiang Bearing Industrial Base takes Changshan County, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing as the core, and is adjacent to Jiangsu Bearing Industrial Base in the north. During this period, Changshan County was an important town for bearings in Zhejiang Province. Changshan County has a history of producing bearings more than 40 years ago, and there are more than 100 bearing production enterprises. Most of the products are small and medium-sized, miniature deep groove ball bearings. The characteristic products include car bearings, motor bearings, office equipment bearings, electric tool bearings, and agricultural machinery bearings. It is the largest export bearing and export bearing vehicle and forging production base in China.

(5) Wafangdian Bearing Industrial Base

Wafangdian Bearing Industrial Base is the largest bearing industrial base in China. The base relies on China's largest bearing production enterprise - tile shaft. It was founded in 1938, and the first set of new industrial bearings in China was born here. The bearing products in the Wafangdian area are mainly large and extra-large heavily equipped bearings. The characteristic products include metallurgical mine bearings, wind turbine bearings, railway truck bearings, petroleum machinery bearings, precision machine tool bearings, cement mechanical bearings and non-standard bearings.