The high-quality development of the bearing industry brings opportunities and challenges to its equipment manufacturing field


The high-quality development of the bearing industry brings opportunities and challenges to its equipment manufacturing field

First, the high-quality development of the bearing industry brings new requirements
to special equipment
1. The development shortcomings need to be filled

The core essence of development in the new era is high-quality development. An important part of high-quality development is to solve the problem of unbalanced development, and one of the important measures to solve the problem of unbalanced development is to make up for the shortcomings of development.

According to the spirit of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" of the bearing industry, there are three major shortcomings and weaknesses that restrict the high-quality development of China's bearing industry, namely the quality level of bearing steel, the technical quality level of bearing process equipment and the technical quality level of bearing rollers. Making up for these three major shortcomings is an urgent task to achieve the high-quality development of China's bearing industry. Among them, the improvement of bearing roller technology level is also inseparable from bearing equipment, so among these three major shortcomings, bearing equipment bears the brunt and plays a pivotal role. This task is realistically placed in front of the whole industry, which is not only a new topic encountered in the field of special equipment in the process of high-quality development of the bearing industry, but also a new challenge in the process of professional development of bearing equipment.

2. The goal
of bearing process equipment development According to the general requirement of providing strong technical support for the transformation and upgrading of China's bearing industry, from large
to strong, and achieving high-quality development, the "Thirteenth Five-Year" development plan of the national bearing industry has determined the development goals of China's bearing special equipment:

(1) Precision and precision retention, performance and performance stability, service life and reliability, processing efficiency, automation intelligence degree has reached the international advanced level.

(2) The main technical indicators meet the requirements of processing high-end bearings, major equipment bearings and high-precision and high-performance bearings.

(3) Based on independent innovation, the localization rate of key bearing special equipment has reached more than 80%.

(4) Energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction, green and low-carbon manufacturing.

This goal is not only a clear overall direction, but also a clear priority and progressive relationship.

First of all, we must find the focus point: the three characteristics ("precision and precision retention", "performance and performance stability", "service life and reliability") and two (automation, intelligence) have reached the international advanced level. This is both a macro requirement and a specific criterion. That is, our products should be benchmarked with international standards. For a device, we must not only pursue function, but also pay attention to performance. Without the stability of performance and the reliability of use, it will not be trusted by users. It will not be able to shoulder the heavy responsibility of high-quality development. Finding this focus point grasps the key to solving the problem.

Secondly, it is necessary to grasp the foothold: the fundamental task of bearing equipment is to meet the requirements of processing high-end bearings, major equipment bearings and high-precision and high-performance bearings. This is the purpose of our work, the foothold. All measures must revolve around this goal, and without this goal, everything loses its meaning.

Third, solve the pain point: often see a phenomenon, when our companies introduce their product advantages, often say that the control system is Siemens, the guide rail is Japanese, etc., as a basis for demonstrating the advanced equipment. As everyone knows, this is taking the pain point as a highlight. Although the complete localization of key components may be difficult for reasons that are well known, this is a direction and efforts must be made in this direction. Under the same conditions, priority should be given to the use of domestic parts and components to create a friendly use environment for domestic parts.

Fourth, add highlights: energy conservation, emission reduction and green manufacturing are inevitable requirements for high-quality development. It is a highlight and bonus in the development of special equipment under the new situation, and will also form a new economic growth point. It is necessary to provide continuous attention and continuous exploration in the development process of special equipment to provide support for the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

. Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Special Equipment for Bearings 1. Opportunities and Challenges

Brought by Major National Strategic Needs
1) The Need for
Civil-Military Integration Civil-military integration is a national strategy to enrich the country and strengthen the military, and with the implementation of the military-civilian integration strategy, bearing enterprises will participate in the production of military bearings will become a norm. The huge demand for military bearings will become an important force for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the bearing industry, and adapting to this demand of the bearing industry is one of the development opportunities faced by bearing equipment enterprises.

The production of military bearings requires a strict quality assurance system, and bearing special equipment is one of the important parts of this assurance system. The stability and reliability of equipment is the most basic requirement for military production equipment. In this field of application, the requirements for the accuracy and stability of the machine tool are significantly higher than the requirements for the production efficiency of the machine tool. Due to the characteristics of military bearings with many varieties and small batches, the requirements for machine tool adjustment methods are more convenient and flexible; The requirements for the application range of machine tools are more inclined to width and flexibility; The requirements for machine control methods are more customized and programmable. This is an important difference from the design concept of ordinary bearing special machine tools based on batch size and efficiency as the core, and even an obvious challenge. Only by breaking through the traditional thinking pattern, paying attention to the user experience of military bearing production, and meeting personalized needs can we continue to make new progress in the process of technology development and market development of military special bearing equipment.

With the in-depth development of military-civilian integration, there are more and more opportunities for private enterprises to participate in the production of military bearings. Taking the opportunity of undertaking the production of military bearings, the number of enterprises carrying out technological transformation and expanding the scale of production is also increasing. In the critical period of entering the threshold of high-end bearing manufacturing, in addition to paying attention to talent factors, entrepreneurs' demand for improving manufacturing capabilities and product levels will focus more on the desire for high-end equipment. If equipment enterprises can seize this window period, they can not only improve their technical strength in the process of meeting user needs, but also open up a new field in the market.

In addition, military bearings are often personalized and customized products, with special requirements and special functions of the product, especially with the improvement of the lightweight requirements of the host system, the bearing and the host parts design together "integrated bearing" has been widely used, the integration of the main engine parts and bearing parts, undoubtedly increases the difficulty of bearing manufacturing, but brings new opportunities to the development of bearing equipment. Personalized products require personalized equipment, and personalized equipment tests the comprehensive strength and innovation ability of equipment manufacturing enterprises.

(2) The requirements of

safe and controllable industrial chain With the spread of the epidemic abroad and the changes in the international situation, the concept of safe and controllable industrial chain has been highly valued by all walks of life in China. China is accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. Bearing equipment is an important part of the bearing industry chain and plays an irreplaceable role in the safety of the bearing industry chain. Without the autonomy and controllability of equipment, the safety of the industrial chain is an empty phrase.

At present, in the leading enterprises of bearing production, imported high-end equipment in service accounts for a certain proportion and plays an important role in the product manufacturing process. This is compatible with the development process of China's bearing industry. But over time, the retirement of these devices from service is inevitable. Bearing equipment manufacturing enterprises should seize the opportunity, carry out research, understand user needs, lose no time in developing domestic bearing equipment suitable for China's national conditions, and successfully achieve import substitution.

With the improvement of the awareness of the safety and controllability of the industrial chain, high-performance domestic bearing special equipment will occupy an absolute dominant position in the bearing industry chain. Therefore, under the background of the gradual formation of the new development pattern, the attention of high-performance bearing manufacturers to equipment will shift from foreign to domestic. This is an important development opportunity for bearing equipment enterprises. At the same time, benchmarking against the international advanced level, improving equipment performance, improving product quality, replacing imported equipment, and meeting the market demand under the new situation have become new topics and new challenges faced by the field of bearing equipment.

. Opportunities and challenges
brought by bearing supporting high-end equipment
(1) Wind power bearings and special equipment for bearings
The "2019/2020 National Wind Power Analysis Report" pointed out that China's wind power development policy environment is undergoing tremendous changes, from the previous subsidies to the current drive to parity on the grid, which marks that China's wind power has matured. Marked by the grid-connected power generation of the first 10MW offshore wind turbine in China, the development trend of large-scale wind turbines has emerged, and wind power bearings of more than 3.0MW have been valued. Domestic bearing advantage enterprises have begun to enter the wind power spindle and gearbox bearing market. The changes in the demand for wind power bearings, the structural form of key bearings and the optimization of processing methods deserve the attention of special equipment manufacturers.

In 2019, wind power bearings experienced unprecedented blowout demand driven by a variety of factors, and the impact of the epidemic in the first half of 2020 did not slow down this trend. Many bearing companies are eager to try, generating investment germination, but generally worried about the roller coaster phenomenon caused by the cyclical nature of wind power products. If our processing is setWith a wide processing range and strong adaptability, through the flexible configuration of the production line, it can take into account a variety of types of processing methods, and in the peak season and off-season by processing different products separately to achieve the resolution of investment risks, it will definitely be favored by customers. This requires our special equipment manufacturers to not only be familiar with the equipment, but also familiar with the user, familiar with the product, familiar with the correlation characteristics between products, and produce innovative products and lead innovative applications by inspiring innovative ideas.

(2) Robot bearings and special equipment for bearings

Robots are the "pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown", and its research and development, manufacturing and application are important symbols to measure a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. Robotics has become an important part of the "fourth industrial revolution" and is changing the global manufacturing landscape. With the continuous expansion of robot applications, the global robot market has entered a period of rapid growth. China has become an investor in robotics research. In 2019, China's investment in robotics research was $577 million. Especially since the fight against the new crown epidemic, the application of robots has received unprecedented attention from all walks of life. It is estimated that the total demand for industrial robots in the country will be about 200,000 units in 2020, and from 2020 to 2025, the national demand for industrial robots will increase by an average of 15% per year, and will reach 400,000 units in 2025. According to the calculation that each six-axis industrial robot needs to be equipped with 70 sets of bearings, the demand for domestic industrial robot bearings alone will be 28 million sets in 2025. If you consider the demand for bearings for agricultural robots, service robots, and special robots, the number will be even more impressive. Through the implementation of the strong base project, the research and development of domestic robot bearing products has made great progress and is about to enter the fast lane of development. However, the research and development of equipment suitable for processing robot bearings is relatively lagging behind. According to the characteristics of robot bearings, targeted research and development of efficient and practical bearing equipment will effectively promote the localization process of robot bearings.

Due to the limitation of installation space, thin-walled, flexible and special-shaped bearings occupy a certain proportion in the demand for robot bearings. At present, there is no special processing equipment for flexible bearings. In order to overcome the problems caused by deformation in thin-walled bearing processing, conventional bearing processing machine tools are still used in most occasions, using micro-feed, multiple processing, slow and gradual production methods, which not only have long processes, low efficiency, high cost, but also product quality is not guaranteed. This bottleneck is particularly acute in the grinding process. To solve this practical problem, it provides space for technological innovation for bearing equipment manufacturing enterprises. If we can break through the existing traditional thinking, make comprehensive efforts in clamping positioning, grinding methods, and online measurement, etc., form a solution to meet the needs of flexible bearing ring processing, and launch a marketable production line, it will be welcomed by users and favored by the market.

3. Opportunities and challenges
brought by industrial structure adjustment
(1) Help the development of

green environmental protection Energy conservation and environmental protection, green manufacturing, is one of the important contents of the sustainable development of the bearing industry, whether from the implementation of national policies, or from the development level of the industry itself, the development of new forms of bearing green manufacturing is a long-term important work in front of us. The implementation of this work will be carried out throughout the entire process of bearing manufacturing. It includes the entire process from primary raw material preparation, manufacturing to packaging, transportation, sales, consumer use and waste disposal. The support of process equipment is the key link to implement the concept of green development. Bearing equipment manufacturing enterprises need to aim at "energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, and remanufacturing" to make the concept of environmental protection the highlight of the equipment.

Energy saving is the eternal topic of the development of bearing thermal processing equipment, the use of waste heat recovery technology to reduce heat energy loss, the use of intelligent control methods to optimize temperature control parameters, the use of manufacturing equipment innovation to help process optimization, which is not only the requirements for the green development of bearing thermal processing equipment, but also the need for bearing equipment enterprises to explore and innovate from the practical level.

The bearing industry is a processing industry with subtractor manufacturing as the main body. The biggest material consumption of bearing enterprises is the consumption of bearing steel. The promotion and application of high-speed upsetting and precision cold rolling machine technology provides an effective way to improve material utilization. However, the high cost of high-speed upsetting machine, the large heat treatment deformation of precision cold rolling rings and other factors have also caused troubles to the further development of this technology. It will be of great significance for bearing equipment enterprises and bearing manufacturing enterprises and scientific research institutes to work together to explore the process of bearing processing for equal material manufacturing or additive manufacturing.

The principle of emission reduction is a combination of source treatment and terminal treatment. In this process, it is necessary to promote the use of centralized liquid (oil) recycling, as well as recovery and centralized treatment. The cooling (oil) recycling method of the bearing industry and the centralized treatment method of grinding waste residue will keep pace with the progress of science and technology, and the environmental protection treatment equipment born on this basis will also be continuously updated with the progress of science and technology.

(2) Help enterprises transform and upgrade With the increasingly fierce market competition, bearing companies' investment in scientific and

technological progress is also increasing. In the process of converting new and old kinetic energy, technological transformation will be an important starting point, and in the process of enterprise transformation and upgrading, the demand for equipment is rigid and irreplaceable. Its core is to meet the needs of users, solve user pain points, and pay attention to user experience.

First, the demand for equipment remanufacturingProcessing equipment remanufacturing is one of the main contents of modern service-oriented manufacturing and an important means for sustainable development of enterprises. Equipment remanufacturing usually refers to the equipment after many years of service, in the case that the accuracy and function can not meet the existing manufacturing needs, the whole machine or components to implement high-tech repair and transformation, so that the repaired or modified products can reach close to or exceed the original performance of the manufacturing activities. The main objects of remanufacturing equipment in the bearing industry are large, heavy-duty bearing processing equipment, key process processing equipment, key imported equipment and so on. The core of bearing equipment remanufacturing is to have a deep understanding of the original equipment process requirements and use performance and a systematic mastery of modern manufacturing new technologies. Only in this way can the old be used for new use, the old can be innovated, and value-added services can be realized for users. Although this professional and practical work is still in its infancy in the bearing industry, with the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the in-depth conversion of new and old kinetic energy, it will open up space for the remanufacturing of specialized bearing equipment.

Second, the demand for intelligent equipment With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, enterprises are more enthusiastic about intelligent equipment than before. However, most of them stay in the stage of impression and concept, and lack in-depth research and systematic combing of methods and paths to realize the intelligence of the manufacturing process, especially the problems that may be encountered in this process and the countermeasures to be taken. In the process of moving towards Industry 4.0, the development space of bearing equipment is huge. Its development potential depends both on the level of understanding of new technologies and on the ability to develop application scenarios.

In the case of enterprises full of enthusiasm but lack of means, at this time, bearing equipment manufacturers should pay attention to the frontier of intelligent manufacturing technology, in the process of integrating information technology and manufacturing technology, strengthen scientific and technological strength, create innovative subjects, and become the guide and pioneer of intelligent manufacturing in the industry. Under the premise of conditions permitting, some of them indefinitely integrate the technical elements of intelligent manufacturing into the design of machine tools. Through the integration of manufacturing resources, the integration of sensing technology, detection technology, control technology, etc., the machine tool has the dual attributes of product output and information output at the same time, and through the establishment of intelligent manufacturing model projects, the establishment of intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshops, so that the new mode of intelligent manufacturing takes root in the bearing industry.

. Opportunities and challenges

brought by the development of bearing equipment (1) Improvement and breakthrough
in the development of bearing equipment Bearing equipment is to serve the bearing industry, to meet the needs of the development of bearing products, is the development direction of bearing equipment. Generally speaking, it is to meet the increasing "quality" and "quantity" needs of bearing products. For equipment, it is that the single machine should be "fine", and the production line should be "short".

"Quality" refers to quality and performance. To improve the quality of bearings, first of all, the equipment stand-alone machine should be "refined", to be made into high-quality products, to process precision products, to meet the ever-changing new product manufacturing needs. It is necessary to deeply study and discuss precision bearing manufacturing consistency and stability assurance technology, and provide high-quality services for product manufacturing in terms of stability, reliability, precision retention, human-machine interface friendliness and many other properties. Not only is it fully functional, but it also has excellent performance. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to make full use of advanced design concepts, adopt cutting-edge technology, mobilize scientific and technological means, and realize the improvement of the overall performance of machine tools and breakthroughs in unidirectional performance indicators.

"Quantity" refers to efficiency, and the main direction of improving processing efficiency is that the production line should be "short". This seems almost impossible at the moment. But turning the impossible into possible is the challenge.

We know that the current bearing processing technology, are compatible with our current equipment level, its core is decomposition, in order to obtain high processing accuracy, a processing process is decomposed into multiple processes, the process is decomposed into steps; First the datum surface and then the working surface, first the outer surface and then the inner surface, rough car finishing and finishing, rough grinding and polishing polishing, rough research and intensive research and light research, tireless and perfect.

But the history of human development is the history of spiraling, the history of negation of negation. The biggest development of an industry, an enterprise, is self-breakthrough. The function of equipment is not only reflected in serving the processing technology, but also an important means to lead the process optimization. The improvement of equipment capabilities will bring about changes and leaps in processing technology. Breaking through the shackles of traditional design ideas and shortening the bearing processing chain through the innovation of processing methods is not only a major change in process equipment, but also an important way to improve the efficiency of bearing manufacturing, and it is also a requirement for the modernization of the bearing manufacturing industry chain. The application of cutting-edge technologies such as machining centers, turning instead of grinding, composite grinding, online measurement, industrial robots, new materials and new processes has opened up space and provided possibilities for shortening the process chain and improving the efficiency of bearing manufacturing. This is a challenging work, and bearing manufacturing equipment companies have a lot to do in this process.

(2) Progress and iteration
of bearing manufacturing technology The deep integration of bearing manufacturing technology and mechanical equipment technology is not only the characteristics of
bearing equipment, but also the focus of its development and breakthrough.

First of all, the advancement of science and technology has brought about the rapid development of bearing manufacturing technology. Advanced manufacturing methods and manufacturing modes such as intelligent manufacturing, anti-fatigue manufacturing, and high-performance manufacturing are gradually being applied in the bearing industry. The birth of new technologies such as special materials, coating technology, and modification processes will surely give birth to a new generation of processing concepts and process equipment. The application of new process equipment will surely promote the further improvement of bearing manufacturing level. This process is the process of continuous iteration of bearing manufacturing technology, in which bearing equipment and bearing manufacturing technology are deeply integrated, which will promote the continuous upgrading of the bearing industry. For bearing equipment enterprises, being familiar with both the bearing industry and the machine tool industry is their biggest comparative advantage. The perfect combination of comprehensive technical means of mechanical equipment and solving bearing professional problems is the vitality of bearing equipment enterprises. The more high-end the bearing products develop, the higher the degree of specialization of the equipment. As long as we start from the needs of meeting the needs of the development of bearing manufacturing technology and pay attention to the pain points and difficulties of manufacturing technology, we will continue to find new development opportunities, and the road of technological innovation will become wider and wider.

Secondly, bearing equipment is a member of the mechanical equipment family, and it belongs to technology-intensive industries. It involves manufacturing and processing technology, computer technology, sensing and detection technology, modern control technology, hydropneumatic technology and so on. In today's high-tech development, the evolution of these technologies is ever-changing, and advanced control methods and cutting-edge processing methods are changing with each passing day. The research and development of bearing equipment is the process of professional redevelopment and re-creation of general mechanical equipment technology, in a sense, the sensitivity to cutting-edge technology and the degree of understanding of new mechanical equipment technology determine the depth of recreation; Only by embracing new technologies can we open up new ideas, be comfortable in the process of creative transformation and innovative development, and find new opportunities and make new breakthroughs in the development process of special equipment for bearings.

In short, bearing equipment undertakes the function and mission of originating from bearing manufacturing technology, integrating bearing manufacturing technology, and leading bearing manufacturing technology forward. In line with this, the development of bearing equipment usually has three levels: first, to meet the specific bearing processing needs proposed by users; Second, to provide users with complete solutions for bearing manufacturing; Third, lead and promote the development of bearing manufacturing technology. No matter at which level, the way of development is to continue to create value for users in the bearing industry. In the era of vigorous development of new technologies, in the fierce competition of the market economy, and on the road of high-quality development of the bearing industry, its equipment manufacturing field is always facing new opportunities and challenges. Seizing opportunities requires keen insight, and overcoming challenges requires great creativity.