There are 7,749 market entities in the bearing industry in Liaocheng, with an overall output value of 31 billion yuan.


   On April 7, the Liaocheng Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference to introduce the bearing industry in Liaocheng City and the upcoming 8th Linqing China Bearing, Spare Parts and Special Equipment Exhibition and High-level Forum on Bearing Industry Development.

Ge Wei, a second-level researcher of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Liaocheng, said that Liaocheng is one of the five major bearing industry clusters in China. With Linqing as the centre, it extends to Dongchangfu District and Dong'aheguan County to form a bearing industry cluster. It has the largest bearing trade market and spare parts production base in China, and is the bearing industry cluster with the largest number of market entities. As of 2022, there are 7,749 market entities in the industrial cluster, with an overall output value of 31 billion yuan, of which 105 are enterprises above designated size and 14 are enterprises with revenue of more than 100 million yuan, with an average annual increase of 9.7%. These enterprises have become a new force for the development of China's bearing industry.

Advantages of market agglomeration. For example, Linqing's Yandian Bearing Professional Wholesale Market has become the largest, most diverse and most complete bearing professional wholesale market in China. It is recognised as a provincial domestic and foreign trade combination market and a provincial cross-border e-commerce industry gathering area. The market covers an area of more than 1,600 mu, with a construction area of 400,000 square metres, more than 5,000 stores of various types, and more than 17,000 products in 11 categories. Major bearing enterprises at home and abroad have distribution offices here, with an annual turnover of more than 30 billion yuan.

Chain matching advantages. The upstream and downstream enterprises cooperate closely. Guanxian forging is mainly for Linqing bearings. About 60% of the steel ball and about 30% of the retainer in Dongchangfu flow to Linqing finished bearings, forming a "complete closed loop" in the production, processing and sales of forging-car processing-mill processing + steel ball, retainer-finished product-market. With strong casing capacity, it is unique among the five major bearing industry clusters in China.

Advantages of cluster size. The annual output of finished Linqing bearings is 9 billion sets, covering more than 7,000 models. The annual sales volume of Dongchangfu bearing retainer reaches 12 billion pairs, and the industry accounts for more than 70%. It is the largest bearing retainer production base in China. Dong'a County is the largest steel ball production base in Asia, with a domestic market share of more than 70%. Bearing forging in Guan County accounts for more than a quarter of the national market.

Segment the advantages of products. There are 7 single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry above the provincial level, such as the thin-walled bearings of Linqing Bot bearings, the centred roller bearings of Yujie bearings, the retainers of Dongchangfu Jindi retainers and other products occupy a leading position in the domestic and even international market segments. Dong'a Steel Ball Group will enter the main business Enter the top 20 (12th).

Advantages of open cooperation. Convenient transportation and logistics, excellent ecology, promote Liaocheng bearings to the world. Linqing City has held 7 consecutive bearing industry exhibitions and high-level forums, with more than 900 exhibitors, and has become a relatively influential bearing professional exhibition in China. At the largest China International Bearing Equipment Exhibition in China, Liaocheng bearing enterprises accounted for more than 30%.