Axis Research Technology 7. XMW semi-direct drive wind power spindle bearing batch delivery


       Recently, it was independently developed by Luoyang Axis Research Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "axis Research Technology"). 7. The spindle bearing of XMW semi-direct drive wind turbine has successfully passed the verification of the host and realised batch delivery. It is the largest megawatt level of domestic semi-direct drive spindle bearing to achieve batchisation. 7. The spindle shaft of the XMW semi-direct drive wind turbine adopts two sets of single-row tapered roller bearings, and the structural layout is in the form of TRB+TRB. The batch delivery of this bearing is another major breakthrough in the industrialisation of high-power wind power spindle bearings of Axis Research Technology.

      In recent years, Axis Research Technology has successfully developed the first set of domestic 4.5MW direct drive onshore TRB wind power spindle bearings, 7.0SMW direct drive offshore TRB wind power spindle bearings and 10MW offshore TRB wind power spindle bearings (outer diameter size 3200mm, which can meet the needs of wind turbines below 18MW). ), and realise the installed application. At present, we are jointly developing offshore TRB wind power spindle bearings with an outer diameter of 3425mm with domestic wind power host units, which can cover the needs of wind turbines below 24MW.

      While doing a good job in technological innovation, Axis Research Technology will further increase investment in industrialisation. At present, Shaft Research Technology can realise an annual production capacity of 3,000 sets of wind power spindle bearings and 3,500 sets of wind power gearbox bearings. In the future, Axis Research Technology will adhere to the principle of "forging the director of Axis Research and serving the needs of the country", continue to promote the localisation of offshore large megawatt-grade wind power main bearings, and help achieve the "3060" dual-carbon goal.