What is the use of Shandong outer spherical bearing


The abnormal sound of Guodu foreign spherical bearing is eliminated, and the maintenance of lubricating grease is carried out.


In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be reused, it is necessary to check after the outer spherical bearing is cleaned, and carefully check the state of raceway surface, rolling surface and mating surface, the wear of cage, the increase of bearing clearance and whether there are damages and abnormalities related to the decline of dimensional accuracy. For non separable small ball bearing, support the inner ring horizontally with one hand and rotate the outer ring to confirm whether it is smooth.


The raceway surface of the rolling element and the outer ring can be inspected separately for the split bearing. Since the large outer

spherical bearing cannot be rotated by hand, pay attention to the appearance of rolling elements, raceways, cages, retaining surfaces, etc. the higher the importance of the bearing, the more careful the inspection is:

(1) Generally, the lubricating grease (oil) of the water pump with newly put into use bearing shall be replaced after 100 hours of operation, and then it shall be replaced every 500 hours of operation.

(2) For the flow bearing lubricated with grease, the grease should be replaced after 1500 hours of operation. The amount of oil added should not be too much or too little, because too much or too little grease will cause the heating of the outer spherical bearing. The amount of oil added is generally 1 / 2 ~ 2 / 3 of the volume of the bearing chamber.

(3) For bearings lubricated with lubricating oil, the oil volume shall be added to the specified position.

(4) The container containing lubricating oil or grease shall be clean and sealed at ordinary times. There shall be no dust, scrap iron and other sundries to avoid damaging the bearing.

(5) Sodium base grease is generally used for outer spherical bearing of motor. This kind of grease is characterized by high temperature resistance (125 ℃), but it is easy to dissolve in water, so it can not be used for bearing lubrication.


Vibration speed standard of international standard for outer spherical bearing (commonly known as V standard):


1。 Since the original vibration acceleration standard has not been cancelled, the standard appears as a standard issued by the Ministry of machinery industry. It is developed according to European standards and combined with the actual situation of China. It needs to detect the vibration speed of bearings. Divide the quality grade of bearing (equivalent to national standard). It is divided into five quality levels: V, V1, V2, V3 and V4. The quality grades of various ball bearings are V, V1, V2, V3 and V4 from low to high; The quality grades of rolling bearings (cylindrical and conical) from low to high are V, V1, V2 and V3 respectively.


2。 The quality of the bearing is reflected by detecting the speed B of the bearing in different frequency bands (low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency). It can roughly analyze whether the bearing has geometric problems (such as the ellipse of the steel ring), the quality of the raceway / rolling element and the quality of the cage, which is significantly improved than the vibration acceleration. Quality of bearing. At present, the Chinese military and aerospace industry have carried out bearing quality inspection according to this standard for domestic bearings exported to Europe. At the same time, it provides a feasible means to test the quality of outer spherical bearings and identify fake outer spherical bearings in Europe.


3。 There are two parallel standards for bearing quality inspection, and when inspected according to "V standard", the bearing with high quality grade of "Z standard" may not have good quality performance. There is no correspondence between them.