Practical early warning Shandong Agricultural machinery bearing manufacturer knowledge


Introduction of single row cylindrical roller bearing for agricultural machinery in Shandong

Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bearing wholesale, single row cylindrical roller bearing with cage is a set of assembly including integral inner and outer rings, cylindrical rollers and cage components The outer ring has rigid retaining edges or no retaining edges on both sides, and the inner ring has one or two rigid retaining edges or no design retaining edges. The cage prevents the cylindrical rollers from contacting each other when rolling.

Cylindrical roller bearings are very rigid, can support high radial loads, and because of the cage, they are more suitable for high speed than full load design. The bearing roller group with suffix e is large and is designed with ultra-high bearing capacity.

The bearing is detachable, so it is easier to install or remove. The two bearing rings therefore have an interference fit.

Single row cylindrical roller bearing with cage can be used as non positioning bearing, semi positioning bearing and positioning bearing.


There are three main reasons for the cracking of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bearing Steel Ball:

1. The steel ball is cracked during use after being installed inside the bearing, and the cracking direction is the material rolling direction.

2. There are obvious loose bands in the center of the steel ball, the banded carbides exceed the standard, and the surface contains abnormal elements such as oxygen, calcium and magnesium. In addition, the strip depth is about 0.25mm, so it is determined that there is shrinkage residual in the center of the steel ball, which belongs to metallurgical defect, which is also the main reason for the cracking of the steel ball in use.

3. The overheated quenching and tempering structure of the steel ball increases its brittleness, reduces the compressive strength and makes the steel ball more prone to cracking.