What are the characteristics of Shandong bearing with seat


The function of the cage is to equidistantly separate the rolling elements, prevent the rolling elements from falling into the rolling bearing with seat bearing, and guide and drive the rolling elements to rotate. Rolling bearing cages can be divided into stamping cages and solid cages. When the rolling bearing is working, it will produce heat and wear due to sliding friction. Especially in the case of high-speed operation, due to the action of centrifugal force, it will aggravate the friction, wear and heat, and in serious cases, it will aggravate the wear. It will cause the cage to burn and crack, resulting in bearing failure. use. Cage damage accounts for the majority of bearing failure forms. The quality of cage materials is one of the main reasons for the damage of cages. Therefore, the rolling bearing cage material in agricultural machinery bearing must have the following characteristics:

1. The cage has fixed strength and toughness, can bear certain load and impact force, and has good elasticity and stiffness.

2. The friction coefficient with the rolling element is small and the wear resistance is good.

3. It must have good thermal conductivity.

4. The specific gravity is small, and the expansion coefficient is similar to that of the rolling element.

5. Since the cage structure is usually more complex, the materials used are required to have good processability.

6. Stamping cage materials need good plasticity and ductility.

7. The rotating cage material needs good cutting performance.

8. Die casting cage material shall have good casting performance.

9. Injection molding cage material requires good injection performance.