The type code of tapered roller bearing is 30000, and the tapered roller bearing is a separate bearing.


In general, especially in GB / T307 The outer ring and inner components of tapered roller bearings within the size range involved in 1-94 tolerance for radial bearings of rolling bearings are 100% interchangeable.


The company's main size range:
Inner diameter range: 20mm ~ 1270mm
Outer diameter range: 40mm ~ 1465mm
Width dimension range: 15mm ~ 240mm


Bearing Number  d mm Dmm Tmm
352208 40 80 55
352210 50 90 55
352212 60 120 75
352213 65 120 75
352214 70 125 75
352215 75 130 75
352216 80 140 80
352217 85 150 85
352218 90 160 95
352220 100 180 112

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We are an industrial and trade integrated company with our own factory and foreign trade department

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If the goods are in stock, it generally takes 5-10 days (depending on the number of products) if the goods are not in stock, then 15-20 days

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Yes, we can make non-standard products. We can produce according to your requirements, accept drawings and produce through samples

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First of all, we have our own boutique packaging or can also be packaged according to demand

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