Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings
  • Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings

Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings

The main role of Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings is to bear weight and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of the hub, which bears both axial load and radial load, and is a very important component. The Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings has the advantages of good assembly performance, omission of clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure, large load capacity, pre-loading of grease for sealing bearings, omission of external hub seal and exemption from maintenance, etc., has been widely used in agricultural machinery, and has a trend of gradually expanding application in other fields.


The main role of Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings is to bear weight and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of the hub, which bears both axial load and radial load, and is a very important component. The Agricultural Wheel Hub Bearings has the advantages of good assembly performance, omission of clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure, large load capacity, pre-loading of grease for sealing bearings, omission of external hub seal and exemption from maintenance, etc., has been widely used in agricultural machinery, and has a trend of gradually expanding application in other fields.

Bearing Number  d mm D mm T mm G mm
N28-04 117 28 102 M22×1.5
N30-05 117 30 105 M24×2.0
N30-09 117 30 106 M24×2.0
N28-12 117 28 102 M22×1.5
N28-06 117 28 102 M22×1.5
N30-13 117 30 102 M24×2.0
N28-23 117 28 102 M24×2.0
N349-26 168 34.9 82 3/4/16UNF
N349-27 168 34.9 82 M20×1.5

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