What are the ways to prevent grinding burns of rolling bearing sleeves?


There are many ways to prevent grinding burns of rolling bearing sleeves. Here are some suggestions:

Select the appropriate grinding wheel: choose the grinding wheel with moderate hardness and moderate organization number to reduce the friction heat between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. 
Avoid grinding wheel too hard, so as not to generate too much heat in the grinding process. 
Control grinding parameters: reasonable control of grinding thickness, workpiece speed and feed. 
Reducing the grinding thickness can reduce the plastic deformation and internal friction of metal and reduce the generation of friction heat. 
Increasing the rotational speed of the workpiece can shorten the time of the workpiece grinding surface passing through the grinding area and reduce the accumulation of friction heat. 
For materials with high grinding strength, high hardness and poor thermal conductivity, a smaller feed rate should be adopted to improve grinding efficiency and avoid burns.

Check and maintain the equipment: regularly check the grinding wheel shaft, workbench disk, reciprocating switch and other equipment components to ensure their normal operation. 
For example, pre-tighten the grinding wheel shaft bearing or replace the bearing, overhaul various components of the magnetic reducer such as turbine, worm, etc., and replace the worn parts. 
These measures can reduce grinding burns caused by equipment failure. 
Optimize the grinding process: select the appropriate grinding process according to the material and processing requirements of the workpiece. 
For example, appropriate coolant and cooling methods are used to reduce the grinding temperature. 
At the same time, keep the coolant clean and replace it regularly to ensure its cooling effect. 
Control environmental factors: keep the ambient temperature in the grinding area stable and avoid the adverse effects of too high or too low temperature on the grinding process. 
At the same time, reduce the dust and impurities in the environment so that they will not enter the grinding area and affect the grinding quality. 
Train operators: ensure that operators have correct operation skills and safety awareness. 
They should understand the various risks and preventive measures in the grinding process and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. 
Through the implementation of the above measures, the grinding burn of rolling bearing sleeve can be effectively prevented and the product quality and production efficiency can be improved.