Why are oil-free bearings widely used?


Oil-free bearings are widely used, mainly due to their unique performance characteristics and a wide range of application fields. Here are a few key reasons:

1. Excellent lubrication performance: oil-free bearings use special solid lubrication materials, which can achieve good lubrication without external lubrication. This self-lubricating performance not only simplifies the maintenance and use of the equipment, but also improves the reliability and operation efficiency of the equipment.

2. Excellent wear resistance: The self-lubricating material of oil-free bearing has excellent wear resistance and can maintain good performance under harsh conditions such as high load, high speed and high temperature. This allows the service life of the oil-free bearing to be extended, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment.

3. Wide range of application: oil-free bearings can be applied to a variety of working environments and conditions, whether it is high temperature, low temperature, high humidity or high vacuum environment, can maintain good working performance. This makes oil-free bearings widely used in various industrial fields.

4. Environmental protection: oil-free bearings will not produce oil and waste during use, which is environmentally friendly and meets the environmental protection requirements of modern industry.

5. Reduce the requirements for grinding parts: oil-free bearings have lower hardness requirements for grinding shafts, and untempered shafts can be used, thus reducing the processing difficulty of related parts.

6. Simple structure and light weight: oil-free bearings usually have thin wall structure and light weight, which helps to reduce the mechanical volume and reduce the weight of the overall equipment.

Oil-free bearing because of its excellent lubrication performance, wear resistance, wide range of application, environmental protection and reduced requirements for grinding parts, etc. It has been widely used in automobile and truck, construction machinery, hydraulic system, mold industry, injection molding/die casting, agricultural machinery, industrial automation, clean energy, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, oil platform, medical equipment and many other fields.