What should I do if the roller bearing deviates? The bearing manufacturer teaches you these common moves


When the roller bearing is in operation, the wooden stick does pure overturning fitness exercise on the inner and outer ring raceways, so the support frame driving the roller must have sufficient drag driving power to get rid of friction resistance. If the driving force is not enough to get rid of the friction resistance, the roller will roll on the dovetail guide rail, resulting in speed difference, that is, deviation. So what should we do when the roller bearing deviates? Below, I will produce these common moves for you to solve and avoid the deviation of roller bearing.


roller bearing

1. Reduce the number and diameter of rollers

The roller is held by the rotating ring to reduce its net weight under the condition of allowable compressive strength, so as to achieve the goal of reducing inertial force and friction resistance. It is increasingly critical to avoid and reduce rolling. It is easy to choose this countermeasure, which can be achieved by reducing its total number and diameter. In airline turbines, because the external load is not large, touch fatigue is not the key damage factor of rollers. According to the bearing specification redundancy of the basic specification, it is generally felt that after the total number of rollers is reduced by 50% and the diameter is reduced by 25%, it still does not endanger its touch fatigue service life. Many automobile engines have adopted this strategy. For example, the main bearing of Spey engine is this kind of type. Not only are there few rollers, but also the specifications are exquisite.


2. Select effective structure and alleviate the net weight of cage

In addition to avoiding its net weight as far as possible under the condition of allowable compressive strength, the cage should also consider its own characteristics, for example, it should prevent its co vibration, high-speed running friction resistance, etc.

The correct guide method of cage is also a key element in fast bearing. If the operation of the cage is stable due to the uneven consideration, it is also very beneficial to change the correct guidance of the cage from the outside to the inside to reduce the deviation. Due to the correct external guidance and the relative speed between the correct guide surface of the cage and the bearing, the lubricating oil will produce a viscous friction resistance one by one, while the correct internal guidance will turn the viscous force of the lubricating oil between the cage and the correct guide surface into drag driving force. In that way, the viscous friction resistance becomes the force that drags the cage to rotate. The difference between the two can not be ignored.


3. Oil supplied under the ring

The advantage of using the oil provided under the ring is to remove the hot of the bearing and minimize the additional damage caused by mixing. As another example, changing the outer loop belt retaining edge to the inner loop belt retaining edge can undoubtedly reduce the friction resistance of mixing, as shown in Figure 4.


4. Hollow roller preload bearing is selected

Hollow roller preload bearing can increase the preload of all rollers so that there is no rolling in all areas. Because the working speed ratio and temperature range of turbine motor rotor bearing are relatively wide, the selection of suitable preload should be cautious. Even under very low additional load, excessive preload will still destroy the roller too early. The common way of destruction is bending and fatigue. For typical hollow rollers, the ratio of diameter to inner diameter is 2, and the hole stress should be less than 25000 pounds / foot; The coaxiality of internal and external diameters shall be maintained at 0.005mm.


5. Elliptical bearing is selected

Elliptical bearing is the most common ground anti-skid way, which generally has two structures: Double lobe and three lobe. Taking double lobe elliptical bearing as an example, its structure and ground anti-skid principle are discussed. This kind of bearing generally has an elliptical outer ring diameter, and the inner diameter (raceway) of the outer ring and the bearing seat are annular. After installation, the outer ring raceway becomes elliptical, that is, preloading the roller. In other words, the axial side gap between the roller and the dovetail guide rail at the short transmission shaft of the elliptical dovetail guide rail is cleared (gap fit is generated), so that the roller is reduced. Therefore, in addition to the effect that many rollers at the bottom suffer from the force load of the motor rotor, the rollers at 90 ° to the left and right also suffer a certain amount of preload, which increases the number of rollers bearing the load to about 60% of the number of rollers (the number of rollers generally bearing the load accounts for about 20% of the number of rollers). Therefore, the driving power is improved, which is beneficial to avoid the deviation of rollers and cages. However, the way to obtain the ovality will reduce the fatigue service life of the bearing. Therefore, the problem of selecting the ovality must be considered in the application.


Above is the solution to the deviation of roller bearing. Is it clear to everyone? If you still want to master a lot of news and information about bearings, you can pay more attention to your website. If you have to buy Bearings, the technical professional bearing manufacturer will give you concave groove ball bearings, cone roller bearings, buffer idler bearings and self-aligning ball bearings. You are warmly welcome to buy them.