How to improve the reliability of the main bearing of the engine?


There are bearings in many engines. As long as there are common faults in the bearings, they will stop running and can't be carried out in the work. In order to improve the reliability of the engine, we must start from the bearings. Let me explain in detail the five countermeasures to improve the reliability of the engine bearings.


1. Improve machining accuracy. Improve the machining accuracy of various components of the bearing, which shall not be less than grade 4 precision, and properly adopt the effective side clearance and the mutual matching value during installation. During installation, the bearing shall be inspected according to the contents required by the unique technical standards, such as appearance inspection, whether there are surface defects and rust exceeding the requirements, the specification and initial side clearance at the mutual cooperation of follow-up inspection, etc.


2. The inclination between the bearing ring and the centerline shall not be large. When high reliability is required for the bearing with long service life, the inclination between the bearing ring and the centerline under the working standard shall not exceed the allowable specification (for the bearing with service life of more than 1000h, the inclination shall not exceed 0.5 ').


3. Use 3-point contact ball bearings. Replacing the 4-point contact ball bearing with the 3-point contact axial thrust ball bearing can improve the reliability of the bearing.


4. Steel cage. Replace brass cage with steel cage (selected from Russian engine), and the surface of cage shall be plated with gold.


5. The temperature difference between inner and outer rings is less than 5 ℃. If the heating capacity of the bearing can be reasonably taken away and maintained on the total width of the bearing and there is a relatively uniform temperature gradient between the outer ring and the outer ring, and the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings does not exceed 5 ℃, the reliability of the bearing can be improved.