What maintenance precautions should one-way bearing pay attention to?


Everyone should understand that rolling bearing is a key part of many industrial equipment. Different rolling bearings will give full play to their different characteristics in the application. We must pay attention to its daily maintenance in the application of one-way bearing. The following is the common problems of one-way bearing maintenance that we want to share with you.


1. Pay attention to the operation of the one-way bearing in the application. If the noise, impact and sudden expansion of output power are found, shut down the machine immediately for inspection, fault detection and disassembly and inspection when necessary.


2. Under the general strip plane bearing inspection parts, the one-way bearing shall be moistened every 60 hours of operation. Under the conditions of subtropical zone, high environmental humidity, much dust, large temperature change and continuous operation, the moistening times shall be increased. Before and after the long-term termination of the operation of the equipment, be sure to fill with new grease. When injecting vegetable grease, gradually rotate the one-way bearing to make the grease fill evenly.


3. Often check the plane bearing. Check the plane bearing to check whether the sealing is intact. If the plane bearing is found damaged in the plane bearing inspection, it shall be removed and replaced immediately. If it is found to fall off, it shall be calibrated immediately. The journal shall be removed and replaced on time according to the office environment. During application, the customer shall be filled with new grease again according to different working standards.


4. In application, the one-way bearing shall be protected from the sun and immediately exposed to the sun. It is strictly forbidden to wash the one-way bearing immediately with water to prevent moisture and enter the raceway. It is strictly prohibited to put hard blocks close to or enter the tooth plane bearing to check the meshing area.


According to the detailed introduction above, I believe I have some understanding of the common problems in the maintenance of one-way bearing. In fact, no matter what machinery, equipment or parts are used, we must remember to carry out maintenance. We must remember that we can't wash the rolling bearing immediately with water, which will lead to a big problem in the inspection of flat bearing, It will cause the shutdown of machinery and equipment and even more serious plane bearing inspection. Therefore, we must pay attention to finding reliable staff to carry out maintenance in the case of maintenance.